Sashiko Art of Repair

Sashiko Art of Repair

Project Title : Sashiko Art of Repair This workshop is about sustainable fashion and repair. We will focus on a Japanese technique called Sashiko used to patch and repair clothing using unique stitching that creates beautiful art pieces. Each repair becomes a creative challenge and offers the sewer to express themselves while being mindful of textile waste.

The workshop will be delivered online and will be interactive with the students
with the emphasis on the students learning new techniques and applying
their new skills.

The workshop will be broken down into manageable steps, knowing that students may not have much experience sewing.

Session 1: the history of sashiko, the materials and how to get started
Session 2: hitomezashi sashiko patterns
Session 3: how to apply these techniques to our own clothes - part 1
Session 4: how to apply these techniques to our own clothes - part 2
We will focus our time on how we can apply these techniques to mending our own clothes. This will be a two step process, first we have to sew on a patch, followed by implementing the sashiko stitches.

A kit will be provided with the fabric, sashiko thread and needles, fabric markers.

Other materials needed:
Paper / notebooks for taking notes
Garments to patch

Grade Level(s) 
7 – 9
Teaching Method 
Video conference
Max Number of Students 
4, 1 hour sessions Four hours total.