Funky Fish

Funky Fish

A fun, accessible workshop for students of all ages. Lots of room for individuality and play within a structure that sets participants up for success The project uses safe, affordable materials and all the creativity you want to bring to it!

Focusing on line and shape with a secondary focus on colour, beautiful fish will be created by exploring chalk drawing on a black background and then painting it in with acrylic. Once dry, students will be shown how to use their chalk drawing as a resist technique creating bold black outlines as they wash the chalk away. This step by step painting workshop will be continued over the course of approximately 2-3 days and will encourage students to make choices along the way, allowing for unique and individual results at the end.

Day 1: Prepare Black Canvas & Design Individual Funky Fish 90 minutes
Day 2 : Drawing Your Fish In White Chalk & Painting Our Funky Fish 90 minutes
Day : Wash Off Chalk, Paint Eyes, and Play!

Materials list:
1 primed black canvas/cardboard/watercolour paper per student
acrylic paint
brushes (Medium and small)
water cans/containers
1 white chalk per student
paper towels or rags for washing off chalk
plastic table coverings
aprons or smock/student
blow dryers (to speed up drying process if desired)

Grade Level(s) 
4 – 6
7 – 9
10 – 12
Teaching Method 
Video conference
Max Number of Students 
3 sessions Session 1 - 90 min Session 2 - 90 min Session 3 - 1 hour 4 hours total