Fibre Art Bookmarks

Fibre Art Bookmarks

Let’s get wet felting! In this workshop students will create a fabric rectangle from wool-fibre which will be cut in half to create two bookmarks. Participants will use colour, texture and design to create their own work of art. Wet felting uses natural, easy to find materials and is fun and safe for everyone.

I will begin with an introduction to wool and its properties/uses, including a quick Q&A, then display how to set up our towels/desks for felting. The steps for felting the bookmarks are divided into four parts: base layout; design; felting; fulling. I will demonstrate each step via online classroom, providing enough time for students to work on each stage before moving to the next. Once the bookmarks are made I will provide care instructions and class will be over. Clean up will involve drying any water spills, putting away bubble wrap for future projects, hanging wet towels, or placing them in plastic bags and setting aside bookmarks which can be hung to dry overnight or brought home along with wet towels.

The workshop will begin with everyone having a clear desk! Wet felting gets, well, wet, so any important papers or devices should be tucked safely away for the duration of the bookmark making.

Each student will need:
• 2 old bath towels
• 2 squares of bubble wrap roughly 14” x 14” *please don’t pop the bubbles!
• scissors
• an empty juice/pop/water bottle with small holes poked through the lid
• a bar of soap (can be small/cut in pieces or even sample bars)
• a plastic bag to bring home wet towels

Have a mop handy in case of spills

Each class should have one bottle of liquid dish detergent and easy access to hot water (a kettle can be useful)

Wool kits will be delivered to the school prior to the lesson and students should choose kits/colours before the workshop starts to save time.

Grade Level(s) 
Primary – 3
4 – 6
7 – 9
Teaching Method 
Video conference
Max Number of Students 
One, 2.5 hour session.