Comic Book Creations with Elizabeth Sircom

Comic Book Creations with Elizabeth Sircom

The workshop presents a step by step approach to making a comic, from rough sketch, through character development, story line, and layout, to a finished one page comic, or single finished page of a longer comic.

Welcome to Comic Book Creations! Our goal is for each student to complete one finished page of a comic by the end of our 4 sessions together. How I plan to take us there is to walk you step by step through the process of making a comic. Each step requires lots of practising of that one little exercise.

Materials for the classroom and that students can also find at home: scrap/sketch paper, pencil, eraser, black marker*. A piece of thicker paper for the finished page. You may choose to add colour at the very end. (Be aware- if you are using a sharpie you can use paint over it but if you are using the kind of marker which runs when you get it wet (do a test) then colouring with pencils, crayons or markers is a better idea.)
(*If you don’t have a black marker any dark colour will work and if you don’t have a marker some other options are : a dark coloured pencil, a black ballpoint pen, a dark wax crayon if it is not too crumbly…)
Before some of the sessions you will be provided with images to download (and print if you want, they are easier to copy from that way—but don’t waste any precious coloured ink! Black and white on scrap paper is fine). After the session I may send a few notes or another image to download.

Set up for teachers:
All materials passed out before the session starts.
The screen where I appear easily visible to all either a large screen or students participating individually through chromebooks for example.
Reference images (sent in advance): I can use screen share for timed, in-class copying but paper or digitally accessible copies for students are important. Details can be worked out with individual teachers.

Homework: this workshop requires students to do drawing work between Zoom sessions (about 1 hour). This can easily be done in class, allowing the teacher to dedicate an art class between the Zoom sessions to this. Or it can be done at home and submitted. The final project requires more time. I allow for 2 weeks after the sessions finish for students to submit the finished page (or pages—some do a full story) to their classroom teacher.

-pencils erasers and sketching paper, rulers
-thicker paper and black markers
-(colouring materials optional)

Grade Level(s) 
7 – 9
10 – 12
Teaching Method 
Video conference
Max Number of Students 
4, 1-hour sessions. Four hours total.