Collage - Telling stories with torn paper 7 - 12

Collage - Telling stories with torn paper 7 - 12

This project was designed to use ‘found papers’, that is, paper that you divert from the recycle bin! So it’s also environmental and budget friendly.The open ended nature of collage makes it perfect to be linked to any part of your current curriculum. Paper collage has been around as an art form since about 1910. It was started by artists Picasso and Braque. The term “collage” comes from the French word coller, or “to glue."

Session 1
1. In this PAINTS Project we will look at a some famous collages and have a class discussion. The students will be cued to take note of the language each collage is using; terms like composition, color, texture will be introduced in a grade appropriate way. Students will be asked to imagine and discuss what story each artist is telling.
15 min

2. We will view a brief slideshow of my fine art collages and focus on one collage. I will tell the story of my collage titled; the Lighthouse, which was formed in my mind during a beach walk while the fog was rolling in. We will discuss all of the elements or artistic terms used to tell the story of this collage.
30 min

3. The students will begin creating their own collages using found papers and/or construction paper. (The teacher will be given instructions on which papers to save from the recycle bin). Collages will be created on a box board or cardboard which the teachers, students and/or parents can bring from home.
75 min

Session 2
Students will continue working on their collages.

Glue sticks or school glue
Construction paper
Printed collages
Found papers; Think about cancelled stamps, used envelops, wrapping paper, newspapers, junk mail,

Grade Level(s) 
7 – 9
10 – 12
Teaching Method 
Video conference
Max Number of Students 
Session One, 2 hours Session Two, 1.5 hours 3 1/2 hours total.