Block printing: Learning to make geometric repeats with Josie Clarke

Block printing: Learning to make geometric repeats with Josie Clarke

This is a visual way for children to learn about geometry. Children will be given sets of rubber stamps with simple designs on them. They will then be taught how to rotate them at 90, 180, and 360 degrees to make unique patterns.

This workshop is intended to be done with simple supplies and minimal cleanup. Students will be provided with a set of square rubber stamps, an ink pad, and worksheets to experiment with geometry.

At the start of the class, once materials are handed out, The instructor will do a demo, where I will show them how rotating the block makes a difference in the overall pattern. I will show them straight repeats (90 degrees,) mirrored repeats (180 degrees), radial repeats (360 degrees.) In doing this we can observe together that math is more than just numbers, math is visual and all around us. I will also have slides where I show real life examples that relate back to what we are doing.

The instructor will make worksheets with written instructions, and visual cues, in addition to grid markings the same size as the stamps to help them follow along. Students will have 5 sheets. One to explain each kind of geometry, and one to do their final individual work on. Extra experimentation sheets can be available if students want to make more.

For cleanup, students will need to wash off and dry off the stamps and return them to the kits. The students projects must be left to dry overnight before being transported, in order to prevent any smudging of the prints.

You will need access to sinks for washing, scrap paper to protect tables.

Grade Level(s) 
4 – 6
Teaching Method 
Video conference
Max Number of Students 
One, 2.5 hour session.