Explore the history of self-portraits of the past to selfie culture of today and create your own pop art inspired selfie art.

Day 1: We’ll start with a bit of art history, the progression from the artist self-portrait to selfie culture of today, and finish with a brief history of Roy Lichtenstein and his pop art portrait style. To end day 1 they will use a cell phones to take a SQUARE reference photos for their own Lichtenstein inspired selfie art.

**The teacher will need to print the chosen selfie as an 8X8 square reference for day 2.

Day 2: First I will go over some tips and tricks for drawing properly proportioned portraits. Then I will share the gird technique for the students to draw their portrait on a larger poster board surface. Once their image is on the Bristol board they will use markers and or paint with a grid dot technique to block in colours. The next step is to draw over the pencil lines with black permanent marker for the cartoon/ comic book style of Roy Lichtenstein and erase any leftover pencil marks for a clean finish.

Materials: Poster board, paint, markers, pencil, rulers, camera phone

Grade Level(s) 
7 – 9
10 – 12
Teaching Method 
Video conference
Max Number of Students 
3 hours, 2-1.5 hour workshops