Acrylic Workshop: Flower power – daisies

Acrylic Workshop: Flower power – daisies

This is an acrylic workshop that centers on layering and movement while also using techniques like washing and shading.

Using only primary colours,
students learn how to play with colour
via mixing and layering. You will need
drying stations for the students to share
(hairdryers) in order to dry between
layers. Time is allotted for the drying
Prep with one coat of blue and dry it. It is best to have this step done prior to the workshop starting

Over view : This lovely daisy painting is created via a layering process that is broken down into 5 main
steps – The blending of the background / The creation of movement with strokes of colour / The daisies
which are done with layers rather than blending/ The centres of the flowers / The final touches with
highlights and little touches. The five steps take students through blending and mixing as well as layering
and creating texture. Only the primary colours are used so it gives the students a chance to see how many
hues can be made from three simple colours. We use not only traditional brushes, but other tools like
paper towels and toothpicks, allowing the class to experiment with carious techniques. Hairdryers are
needed to assist in the drying of the painting as it is primarily a layered process and so between some
steps a dryer is necessary. Every step is broken down and created with the instructor promoting positivity
and fun with discovering art.

It is about the journey more than the end product.

Please allow at least 15 min on either side of the workshop for set up and clean up.

Grade Level(s) 
7 – 9
10 – 12
Teaching Method 
Video conference
Max Number of Students 
One, 3-hour session or Two, 1.5-hour sessions.