“Say Something!” – Hand embroidered, pin-on patches 7 - 12

“Say Something!” – Hand embroidered, pin-on patches 7 - 12

Students will be given a short lesson in embroidery, with demonstration and explanation of a few basic stitches. They will then complete a small (approx. 3” diameter) circular piece of embroidery that will ultimately be backed with felt and turned into a pin-on patch. These embroidery pieces will be inspired by design prompts appropriate to the age, skill level and learning styles of the students participating and can be linked to curriculum that is being covered. Design prompts and degree of complexity of both stitching and design will be adjusted to suit the grade level participating.

Before the project:
- the artist and teacher will communicate about a theme. For example: If a class is studying social movements they could be prompted to choose a simple slogan that is meaningful or relevant to an issue they support or even create logos for a movement of their own design; if a junior high health class is talking about body image/self-confidence they could choose motivational or supportive phrases to stitch; younger grades may just choose a name or favourite word or image that they identify with, or simply stitch freeform designs. No hate speech, derogatory language or violent imagery will be permitted.

Sealed project kits, one per student will be delievered in advance, and will include:
o A design sheet to print out that includes a description of the design prompt/project and a (approx. 3” diameter) template circle for students to practice their designs.
o An illustrated handout showing a few basic embroidery stitches and step-by-step instructions for assembling the patch.
o Embroidery supplies (needles, needle threaders, embroidery hoops, stabilized fabric for stitching the patch, practice fabric for learning stitches, water soluble fabric marking pens)
o Finishing supplies
Pin backs and felt squares for backing

o Each participating group will also be sent a collection of embroidery threads (with many colour options) that will be shared amongst the students. Protocol for the sharing of supplies will be discussed with the teacher and we will comply with any pre-existing school policies regarding the sharing of materials.
o Students will be required to have their own scissors, pencils and erasers ready.
o The kits will be clearly labeled with the items that are required to be returned to the bag after the project is completed.
- Classroom teachers may wish to discuss the design prompt and project theme with students prior to the first virtual instruction session, especially if it is linked to curriculum or requires background information/discussion.

- All students should be prepared with supplies ready prior to beginning the virtual instruction session to make best use of the allotted time.

Session 1: An introduction to Linnet and a brief overview of the project. There will be a basic embroidery lesson, instruction on drawing and transferring their designs onto fabric, and the remainder of the session will be free for students to start stitching their designs. Linnet will take questions and help with troubleshooting during this free stitching time.

Session 2: Primarily devoted to working on stitching the patches, with some instruction near the end for the 4-6 classes to finish their projects. This time will provide an additional opportunity for students to ask questions and for demonstration of more embroidery techniques where required.

Session 3: Will include finishing instructions for trimming the embroideries, attaching the backing fabric and pin backs to complete the embroidered patches. All stitching of the embroidered designs should be finished prior to this session.

Please Note: Depending on how fast the students are working (and how involved their designs are) classroom teachers may wish to provide some class time between the virtual sessions for students to work on their stitching independently.

The kits will remain with the class for a number of days after the final session to allow for all students to complete the project. At this point all supplies will be returned to the bags and the kits will be returned to PAINTS.

This project can be very simply executed but has ample room for the more creative and engaged students to put in lots of detail and effort. The end results will hopefully be proudly displayed on jackets and backpacks and give students a real sense of accomplishment!!

Grade Level(s) 
7 – 9
10 – 12
Teaching Method 
Video conference
Max Number of Students 
Two, 2 hour sessions One, 1 hour session for finishing Five hours total.