3D Self Portrait

exploring identity through varied media

Over a series of 8 sessions we explored different ways of making a 3D self portrait. To introduce the project we looked at a variety of 3D objects, comparing the traditional understanding of sculpture and moving into some contemporary sculpture which included working with unusual and unexpected materials to create sculpture. Our first project was to create a collage that represented some aspect of our personality and we collected images that related to the students personalities. Our second project started with some quick line contour drawings that were then interpreted into wire sculptures. This assisted the students to change their thinking from 2D into 3D. Our third project explored the 3D self using card board. Students were encouraged to explore ways of connecting the cardboard using construction techniques, rather than glue. Our fourth project was to create a mask using paper mache, after which which students were encouraged to decorate or embellish. Finally we looked at how soft sculptural elements could be incorporated. The intention of the project was to encourage new ways of working and representation, and I found that the students were at times challenged by thinking in different ways to create representations of themselves. Despite this, the students embraced the different methods of creating and I was inspired by their creations. The best part was that the project also inspired the art teachers and parts of the project will be incorporated into their curriculum.