Call for PAINTS Workshops

PAINTS Artist Call

new workshops for the 2022-23 school year

Visual Arts Nova Scotia is excited to be opening a call for current PAINTS artists to propose new workshops for the coming year.

We have shifted in these pandemic years to having a menu of workshops for teachers to choose from, we’d love to add to the listings! It has made it easier for educators to access the program and works well for artists too.

Workshops still range from 3 to 12 hours.

We’ll continue to offer workshops to schools in both online and in person formats. Each artist can choose if they want to do either or both. For an artist to physically go to a school in person, they’ll need to be based within a reasonable radius. Within the HRM, that’s anything up to a 45 minute drive. In other parts of the province, up to 75 minutes. These times are for one-way travel.

Artists are paid $80/hour for their time working with students. Schools are responsible for 50%, $40 per hour. Subsidies are available for schools that aren’t able to support the full matching funds. PAINTS also provides support for materials. Schools can apply of materials grants up to the total cost of supplies in $25 increments from $25 - $125 per project.

The deadline for artist to submit workshops is Tuesday September 13, 2022.
Simply go to your login on the PAINTS website. If you’ve forgotten your password, follow the re-set instructions.

Contact PAINTS Coordinator Andrea Ritchie