A Call For PAINTS Artists


A call for PAINTS Artists

We’re seeking initial sketches/outlines for workshops that you could lead remotely. All workshops will be either online in real time via Google classrooms, or facilitated by the teacher with paper prompts provided by the artist as a guide to take students through a process. We’re approaching all workshops as one-off live events. We’re not creating curriculum, but rather a special project in much the same way you would have in the past when you were in class, hands-on with the students and teacher.

In the fall, we put out an initial call for workshops. A new way of connecting PAINTS artists with students, via google classrooms or paper prompts. A dozen artists were approved to create new workshops to deliver in to students all over NS. Now, we’d like to add a few more to the mix. For the New Year, we want to add 4 more to the selection that can be offered to schools. We need workshops for students at all grade levels. From these initial ideas, 4 will be chosen to be developed into full workshops. At the second stage, selected artists will be paid a stipend of $160 to fully flesh out the workshop description/plan. There will be support from Andrea Ritchie, the PAINTS co-ordinator in doing this work.

This is all new, as so many things are. We’ll build and adapt as we move forward, learning as we go. Your feedback will be important to shaping how PAINTS continues.

Please note: To more closely align our fee structure with CARFAC, the hourly facilitation rate for PAINTS projects is now set at $80/per hour. We’re very pleased to be able to make this increase in how we compensate artists for their time and expertise. Also, for the upcoming school year only, schools will not be contributing matching funds to PAINTS Projects.

To Apply
Please send your brief sketch/outline workshop application by email to paints@visualarts.ns.ca

Deadline: Jan 18, 2020
Components for Initial Workshop Sketches
Three-line description
For grade
How many students?
Online or paper prompts, or both?
How long/how many sessions? (Workshops should be between 2hrs and 4hrs in duration.)
English, French or both?
Any other details?

Questions: Contact Andrea Ritchie paints@visualarts.ns.ca