To Apply

We've simplified our application process.

Teachers can now choose from a listing of workshops that have been described by the artists. You can click on the workshops tab above to see the current offerings!

You can request the workshops that you're interested in and send in your application.
PAINTS is a matching funds program. Artists are paid $80/hour for their contact time with students; schools are responsible for half of that, $40/hour.

Materials funding is also provided by paints, up to $125 per project. If a project requires materials in excess of that amount, it will be detailed in the project description.

Each school may apply for up to 24 hours of workshop time. Not all applications will be granted. We do our best to share the resources across grade levels and communities.

PAINTS projects can:

  • Explore local political, social and cultural concerns through art, or use art to explore concepts in math, history, language and science.
  • Provide an opportunity for classes without an art program to explore art making and creative thinking.
  • Have artists talk about their work, the ideas behind it, and the techniques they use to create it.
  • Have an artist work with students to create a permanent work of art for the school.
  • Augment an established art program by introducing an artist who is working in the medium or subject area being studied.
  • And on and on!

Deadlines this year for Schools to Apply: Oct 29, Nov 12 and Jan 30 .

And then... We'll contact you about two weeks after the deadline to let you know if your project is approved.

Questions? Browse the site, email or call Andrea at 902-423-4694.