PAINTS projects make links between the professional artists’ own work and the workshops that they lead with the students. We’re really interested in providing the richest experience possible through these relatively small programs. A project can be with one class, or a small group of students, and the brief application is filled out online through this website.

We have a roster of move than a dozen workshops available for schools to book. We are back to being able to offer in person workshops again! So excited ! Some workshops are still available remotely, if that' the preference of the teacher.

PAINTS is a matching funds program. Artist are paid $80/hour for their contact time with students. PAINTS also provides support for the materials, and travel of the artists when necessary.
The school is responsible for half of the artist's fee, or $40 per hour. That means that you could have a professional artist lead a 3-hour workshop with your class with materials included, for a cost to your school of $120.

Questions? Call or email PAINTS Co-ordinator Andrea Ritchie. 902-423-4694 paints@visualarts.ns.ca